On September 14, 2017, a federal gender discrimination case was filed in California state court in San Francisco against Google. The class action, Ellis v. Google Inc., was brought by three former female Google professionals on behalf of themselves and similarly situated current and former female employees. Read a copy of the complaint.

Google is a corporation that develops and sells Internet-related services and products. Google employs over 21,000 employees at its Mountain View office and has employees at six other office locations throughout California, including in San Francisco. In 2016, Google generated $89.5 billion dollars in net revenue and $27.89 billion dollars in operating income.

The lawsuit alleges a continuing policy, pattern, and practice on the part of Google of sex discrimination against female employees, with respect to performance evaluations, pay, promotions, and other terms and conditions of employment. The complaint notes that the net result of this systemic discrimination is that Google pays women less than men for comparable work.

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Read the 9/14/17 Press Release

Read the 9/14/17 Complaint

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